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Ganesh Karki

Mr. Karki is Director of the Board of Director of PHPC and is of 47 years in age. Mr. Karki has completed his graduate degree and has been serving in different hydro and other companies last more than 10 years in various responsible positions and also hold as the pioneer supplier of Electromechanical Equipments for Hydropower projects.  Moreover, he is engaging in various hydropower development and other corporate sectors with the following professional affiliations:

  • Executive Chairman – Singati Khola hydro Power project 25 MW
  • Director – Khani Khola Hydropower Project  25MW
  • Alternative Director – Tungun Thosne & khani khola  hydropower project 6.5 MW
  • Chief Advisor – Gelun Khola Hydro Power project 3.2 MW
  • Director – Sunkoshi Hydropower Project III
  • Executive Chairman – BG Pvt. Ltd. (Investment Company)
  • Executive Chairman – Baibhav Power Nepal Pvt., Ltd. (Construction Company)
  • Director – Buku Khola Hydropower Project 22.2 MW
  • Developer – Upper Chaku Hydropower Project 22.2 MW

– Shava Khola Hydro Power Project 4 .2 MW

– Gelun Khola Hydro Co Pvt ltd.

  • Executive Chairman – Aabaswak Saving & Credit Cooperative


  • Vice President – Nepal Goju – Ryu Karate Association


Past Experience

  • Managing  Director       – Nyadi Group Pvt. Ltd.
  • Executive Mamber     – Nepal Hydro Power Association (NHA)
  • Ass. Secretary – Clean Energy Association of Nepal

for overall day to day management and operation of the company. Besides the core there is technical and financial cores helping the implementaiton of the project in time.


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Bhim Lal Paudyal

Ganesh Karki